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Why big medical institutions choose Sharma Orthopedic?

Why big medical institutions choose Sharma Orthopedic


Most elegant medical products under one roof


of Market share in Indian orthopadic industries.


Countries in which we have marquee customers


The best team marching towards the goal.


consistent and successfully towards the growth of the country.


We stand among the best Manufacturing Orthopedic Companies of India.

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When it comes to trust and comfort, Sharma Orthopedic is at your service with our high-quality orthopedic instruments. Being the most trusted healthcare company in India, we are currently operating in more than 91 countries around the world. We promise to ensure the betterment of our people with the aid of our innovative and cutting-edge technology.
As a rule, we have constantly adhered to international rules and guidelines for the production of our orthopedic products. Our reputation in the market for years is that of the best orthopedic implant manufacturers in India. Therefore, we stand by our ethical policies as they were in the beginning and have maintained a very respectable position in the marketplace.
Our focus has been on our initial goal ever since we started working, which is – revamping the healthcare sector to improve the well-being of people. We take extreme care in maintaining relations with our patients and respected medical professionals. Hence, we ensure to provide them with the latest and excellent orthopedic instrument sets at affordable prices.
Sharma Orthopedic assures you improved well-being in tandem with a promise of quality par excellence.

  |   45 Sales Team
  |   8 RA/QA Department
  |   100 Production Department
  |   10 QC Departmen
  |   40 Administration Office
  |   5 Design & Devlopement
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Why Choose Our Orthopedic Implant Company?

Experts here believe that nothing can beat innovation and technology for medical development. Thus, we use a cutting-edge approach and the latest automated machinery for manufacturing orthopedic instruments and products. We follow a procedural step-by-step syllabus with utmost care and due diligence so that everyone associated with us can stay assured of our orthopedic products.

We have been working to serve our clients with quality equipment made using advanced technology, which makes us one of the best orthopedic product manufacturers. From hip prostheses, spinal implants, and surgical power tools, to cannulated cancellous screws, and many more orthopedic instruments are available at Sharma Orthopedic.

Our determined collaboration with field experts and researchers who bring new concepts to the table for developing orthopedic implants and instruments is a distinguishing feature of ours. Furthermore, this also keeps us on our toes to ensure that we as an organization adhere to our motto of committing to quality at the forefront.

How do we function at Sharma Orthopedic?

Manufacturing setup is of utmost significance for fabricating the orthopedic products at Sharma Orthopedic.

  • Sterile environment
  • Well-equipped armamentarium, and
  • Fully-fledged R&D

Those mentioned above are three main topics of emphasis at our orthopedic implant and instrument manufacturing unit.
We strive for excellence and ensure proper support to our clientele at every step of the process; from dispatching the equipment from our base to the final placement of the orthopedic instrument set.
All our orthopedic implant suppliers in India design instruments for surgical and non-surgical procedures, such as sports injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, and accidental trauma. Trust and quality are demands that are superior to everything for our clients. We undertake the responsibility that all your requirements are our priorities.
Hence, our focus is on maintaining the standards of our orthopedic products and instruments in accordance with worldwide regulations. It guarantees the product's efficiency along with the users' security and safety.

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