Life at Sharma Orthopedic

We believe our people are instrumental to our success.

At Sharma Orthopedic we believe our people are instrumental to our success. We are committed to being a fair, meritocratic organization, abiding by the principles of gender diversity and inclusiveness.

As a fast growing organization, our team members are always presented with challenging opportunities and a wide variety of responsibilities. They are empowered with the freedom to execute and truly enjoy their work.

Autonomy and Entrepreneurship
Our culture encourages individuals to take risks, be pioneering and enterprising in their respective domains, while always striving for excellence. This is achieved by giving them freedom and letting them discover their true potential at work. We take pride in the fact that our employees are given responsibility early in their careers. This helps foster entrepreneurship within the entire organization.

Creativity and Innovation
Entrepreneurial culture is all about envisioning opportunities and capitalizing on them. This, we believe, paves the way to innovation. At Sharma Orthopedic, an innovator need not necessarily be a part of the Research & Development team. Thus, creativity becomes a pivotal element of our culture and is part and parcel of every employee’s daily work routine.

Employee Recognition
In our organization, there is a continuous and conscious effort to recognize excellence in performance through various programmes implemented across the company. Prompt and instant recognition is given to employees for exceptional performance through various recognition schemes. Regional and functional awards facilitate the recognition of employees’ involvement and inputs towards the realization of goals.

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