Life at Sharma Orthopedic

We believe our people are instrumental to our success.

SHARMA ORTHOPEDIC the foremost Indian orthopedic implants and instruments manufacturing company with its highly skilled and most renowned workmanship since 1992.

SHARMA ORTHOPEDIC it’s operational in more than 92 countries worldwide. And absorbs more that 80% of market share in Indian market with its superior quality of orthopedic implants and instruments.

LIFE at SHARMA ORTHOPEDIC is very amazing. It’s always said that the company grows with the most innovative ideas and people with the same goal and ambitions.

Even during Pandemics SHARMA ORTHOPEDIC remains focused on investing in innovation to keep their industry-leading pipeline of breakthrough innovations flowing. We have also made a series of acquisitions, including Mask manufacturing and several medical devices, which will help us to drive increased and sustained growth in the future.

It’s said by a Wiseman that “Surround yourself with the people with the same goal”. We at SHARMA ORTHOPEDIC find the people with the same goals and mindsets.

Our culture fosters an environment of trust and inclusion where friendships can naturally develop and thrive. We are a great place to work because of the remarkable people who work here. We give back by donating our time, funding and the products we make to support people in need around the world.

At SHARMA ORTHOPEDIC, quality is first in everything we do. We are driven to make healthcare better for our customers by providing innovative products and services that meet regulatory requirements through our effective quality system. Great place to work and a good team of management. Employees are treated well and have good work life balance. Management is understanding and can reach to them easily.

Working in inventive and collaborative groups, employees are dedicated to making sure that every channel partners gets the best product when they need it. With strong ties to local communities, employees respect and value individual experience and perspective as SHARMA ORTHOPEDIC aims to improve lives and the access to healthcare.


Entrepreneurial culture is all about envisioning opportunities and capitalizing on them. This, we believe, paves the way to innovation. At Sharma Orthopedic, an innovator need not necessarily be a part of the Research & Development team. Thus, creativity becomes a pivotal element of our culture and is part and parcel of every employee’s daily work routine.


In our organization, there is a continuous and conscious effort to recognize excellence in performance through various programs implemented across the company. Prompt and instant recognition is given to employees for exceptional performance through various recognition schemes. Regional and functional awards facilitate the recognition of employees’ involvement and inputs towards the realization of goals. SHARMA ORTHOPEDIC's mission guides the company's day-to-day work and reminds employees that their efforts are transforming the lives of millions of people each year.

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