Orthopedic Implants and Instruments for Femur



  • Nails are the implants used in the fixation of fractures of long bones. These are metal rods, when inserted into the medullary canal, act as an immobilization device to hold the ends of the fractured bone. Different kinds of nails are designed to suit different requirements.


  • are used in fixation of fractures where minimal bone and soft tissue damage are involved. Pins provide provisional fixation leaving room for additional hardware placement. The provisional fixation is planned to avoid faulty permanent fixation. Depending on the diameter, pins may also be used as guide-wires for cannulated screw fixation.

Small Fragment- Non Locked

  • Implants are Comprise Standard Plates and Screws. Plates are classified according to their functions. These Plates accommodate 3.5mm/4.5mm Cortical and 4.0mm Cancellous Screws. We also offer Implants & Instrument Sets, Broken screw removal sets and Screw sets for Small Fragments.

Large Fragment- Locked

  • are comprise Safety Locking Plates and Screws. Locked Plates are similar to Non Locked Plates that have numeral-8 shaped holes, on one side the hole is threaded, so that it can accommodate locking screws. Use of these plates depend upon the fracture situation. These plates can be used as Compression plates, Locked fixations or as Locked implants as the need may be locked feature provides angular stability.

Large Fragment- Non Locked Plates

  • are classified according to their functions. These Plates accommodate 3.5mm,4.5mm Cortical and Cancellous Screws 4.0mm,6.5mm. We also offer Implants & Instrument Sets, Broken screw removal sets and Screw sets for Large Fragments.

DHS/DCS & Angled Blade

  • DHS/DCS & Angled Blade: Hip Fixation Plates are primarily used to treat Distal and Proximal regions of the Femur. Under Angled Blade Plates we offer 95° Condylar plates, 130° Angled Blade Plates and Angled Blade Plates for Intertrochanteric Femoral Osteotomies. Under DHS/DCS Plates we offer Dynamic Hip Compression Plates, Dynamic Hip Compression Plates Short Barrel, Dynamic Hip Compression Plate Double Angled - 125°, Dynamic Hip Compression Plates Variable Angle, Safety Lock DHS Plates - Barrel 38mm/Short Barrel and Pediatric DHS Plates. Jewett Nail Plates are also available with angles varying from 130° to 140°. Various instruments and instrument sets are also available to be used with these plates


  • Sharma Orthopedic under Hip Prosthesis System offers Austin Moore, Thompson, Bipolar, Total Hip Replacement System and Instrument sets for Hip Prosthesis.

Finer Hip System

  • FINER™ Femoral Stem stepped geometry is designed to minimize shear forces and maximize compression loading in mass cancellous bone. Narrowed Anterior-Posterior neck dimensions and optimized articulate by FINER Internal Head taper increase range of motion and reduce risk of mechanical impingement.

Elegant™ New Gam Nail [PFNA]

  • The New Gam Nail design is adapted to the anatomical situation in small statured patients.The medial-lateral angle of 5° allows insertion at the tip of the greater trochanter.The Helical blade compacts the cancellous bone providing additional anchoring, which is especially important in osteoporotic bone. Used for the fixation of Pertrochanteric fractures ,Intertrochanteric fractures ,High subtrochanteric fractures,Ipsilateral trochanteric fractures,Combination fractures (in the proximal femur) ,Pathological fractures.

Elegant™ New Antegrade Femur Nail

  • The New Antegrade Femur Nail design accommodates a lateral entry site through the greater trochanter and fit anatomically in the medullary canal and allows indirect reduction. Provides secure fixation which permits controlled, early, active rehabilitation conducive to optimal recovery.

Elegant™ Gam Nail

  • Elegant™ Gam Nail is a new internal fixation device for the treatment of proximal femoral fractures. This device is suitable for fracture management of the intertrochanteric, pretrochanteric, and subtrochanteric areas. This applies to stable or unstable types, and in traumatic and pathologic fractures.

Elegant™ Supracondylar Nail

  • The Supracondylar Nail is indicated for the stabilization of fractures of the distal femur. It can also be used for diaphyseal fractures in which a retrograde approach is indicated (e.g. ipsilateral tibia and/or patella fractures, proximal or distal endoprosthesis, adipositas permagna). Also used in less complex fractures with high bone density

Elegant™ Universal Femur Nail

  • Universal Femur nail presented as solid and cannulated nail, steel or titanium with two holes for fixed distal locking and two for proximal locking, one of them fixed and the other dynamic. It is used for the fixation of diaphysial fractures, of simple,complex or comminuted lines, up to 5 cm proximal to distal femur metaphyseal.

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