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Orthopedic Implants and Instruments for Cranio Maxillofacial

Cranium Implants- Cranial bone implants are custom-made implants, specifically manufactured for cranioplasty, neurosurgery, and correction of the large bone defects, plastic surgery and maxillo-facial surgery. The common indications include Joints defects, large bone defects and cranial bone defects after oncology treatment and car accidents. Cranial bone implants made up of UHMWPE polyethylene, PMMA and Titanium.
Midface Implants- Midface, also known as Submalar Implant is carried out to hide the most notable signs of an aging face, which include the loss of volume below the lower eyelid in the area of the cheek and in the midface. With time, the cheek (malar) fat pad shrinks in size and slopes into the lower area of the cheek. This results in creating a valley or a line in the midface. The loss of volume results in adding considerable age to the aging face, and the midface or submalar implant is specifically designed just to restore volume to this portion. The implants are 100% reversible at any time, yet permanent.
Mandible Implants- Mandible implants, also known as jaw implants help in strengthening the jaw line as well as create a more balanced facial silhouette by enlarging the mandibular ramus, angle and body. A number of patients can benefit from the mandible implant surgery including those with surgically altered, deficient, or normal anatomy. The material that is most commonly used in mandible implants is known as Medpor, which your body grows into. This material is more stable as compared to silicone. Mandible implants surgery can be performed to correct an aesthetically imbalanced or small mandible.

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