T - Oblique Locked Plate (Left & Right)

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Suitable for
Distal Radius Fractures

22.5mm / 10.0mm x 2.5mm

Distance Between Hole

Proximal & Distal Screw Ø 4.0mm Cortex & Cancellous (Stainless Steel)
Length : 10.0mm to 64.0mm (Diff. 2.0mm & 5.0mm)
Drill Sleeve : 4.0mm
Drill Bit : 3.0mm

Proximal & Distal Screw Ø 3.0mm Cortex & Cancellous (Titanium)
Length : 10.0mm to 64.0mm (Diff. 2.0mm & 5.0mm)
Drill Sleeve : 3.0mm
Drill Bit : 2.7mm

Screw Ø 3.5mm Cortical (Titanium)
Length : 12.0mm to 32.0mm (Diff. 2.0mm)
Drill Sleeve : 3.5mm (Non-Locking)
Drill Bit : 2.7mm

HOLE CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT. CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT.
02 SP05.SS00526 SP05.TIT00526 SP05.SS00537 SP05.TIT00537
03 SP05.SS00527 SP05.TIT00527 SP05.SS00538 SP05.TIT00538
04 SP05.SS00528 SP05.TIT00528 SP05.SS00539 SP05.TIT00539
05 SP05.SS00529 SP05.TIT00529 SP05.SS00540 SP05.TIT00540
06 SP05.SS00530 SP05.TIT00530 SP05.SS00541 SP05.TIT00541
07 SP05.SS00531 SP05.TIT00531 SP05.SS00542 SP05.TIT00542
08 SP05.SS00532 SP05.TIT00532 SP05.SS00543 SP05.TIT00543
09 SP05.SS00533 SP05.TIT00533 SP05.SS00544 SP05.TIT00544
10 SP05.SS00534 SP05.TIT00534 SP05.SS00545 SP05.TIT00545
11 SP05.SS00535 SP05.TIT00535 SP05.SS00546 SP05.TIT00546
12 SP05.SS00536 SP05.TIT00536 SP05.SS00547 SP05.TIT00547

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