Clavicle Hook Locked Plate (Left & Right)

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Suitable for
Lateral Clavicle Fractures

6.0mm/21.0mm/11.0mm x 3.0mm

Distance Between Hole

Proximal & Distal Screw Ø 4.0mm Cortex & Cancellous (Stainless Steel)
Length : 10.0mm to 64.0mm (Diff. 2.0mm & 5.0mm)
Drill Sleeve : 4.0mm
Drill Bit : 3.0mm

Proximal & Distal Screw Ø 3.0mm Cortex & Cancellous (Titanium)
Length : 12.0mm to 32.0mm (Diff. 2.0mm)
Drill Sleeve : 3.0mm 
Drill Bit : 2.7mm

Screw Ø 3.5mm Cortical (Stainless Steel & Titanium)
Length : 12.0mm to 32.0mm (Diff. 2.0mm)
Drill Sleeve : 3.5mm 
Drill Bit : 2.7mm

Stainless Steel, Titanium

HOLE CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT. CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT.
02 SP05.SS00401 SP05.TIT00401 SP05.SS00408 SP05.TIT00408
03 SP05.SS00402 SP05.TIT00402 SP05.SS00409 SP05.TIT00409
04 SP05.SS00403 SP05.TIT00403 SP05.SS00410 SP05.TIT00410
05 SP05.SS00404 SP05.TIT00404 SP05.SS00411 SP05.TIT00411
06 SP05.SS00405 SP05.TIT00405 SP05.SS00412 SP05.TIT00412
07 SP05.SS00406 SP05.TIT00406 SP05.SS00413 SP05.TIT00413
08 SP05.SS00407 SP05.TIT00407 SP05.SS00414 SP05.TIT00414

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