Clavicle Superior Anterior Distal Locked Plate (Left & Right)

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Suitable for
Non Union, Mal Union, Fracture, Fixations, Osteotomies of Clavicle Fracture

10.0mm x 2.5mm

Distance Between Hole

Proximal & Distal Screw Ø 3.0mm Cortex & Cancellous (Stainless Steel & Titanium)
Length : 12.0mm to 32.0mm (Diff. 2.0mm)
Drill Sleeve : 3.0mm 
Drill Bit : 2.7mm

Distal Screw Ø 4.0mm Cortex & Cancellous (Stainless Steel)
Length : 10.0mm to 64.0mm (Diff. 2.0mm & 5.0mm)
Drill Sleeve : 4.0mm
Drill Bit : 3.0mm

Screw Ø 3.5mm Cortical (Stainless Steel & Titanium)
Length : 12.0mm to 32.0mm (Diff. 2.0mm)
Drill Sleeve : 3.5mm 
Drill Bit : 2.7mm

Stainless Steel, Titanium

HOLE CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT. CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT.
04 SP05.SS04254 SP05.TIT04254 SP05.SS04263 SP05.TIT04263
05 SP05.SS04255 SP05.TIT04255 SP05.SS04264 SP05.TIT04264
06 SP05.SS04256 SP05.TIT04256 SP05.SS04265 SP05.TIT04265
07 SP05.SS04257 SP05.TIT04257 SP05.SS04266 SP05.TIT04266
08 SP05.SS04258 SP05.TIT04258 SP05.SS04267 SP05.TIT04267
09 SP05.SS04259 SP05.TIT04259 SP05.SS04268 SP05.TIT04268
10 SP05.SS04260 SP05.TIT04260 SP05.SS04269 SP05.TIT04269
11 SP05.SS04261 SP05.TIT04261 SP05.SS04270 SP05.TIT04270
12 SP05.SS04262 SP05.TIT04262 SP05.SS04271 SP05.TIT04271

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