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Orthopedic Implants for Femoral Shaft

New Antegrade Femur Nail(Long, Left)
Suitable for Proximal & Shaft Femur Fracture
Locking Bolt Ø 5.0mm & 6.4mm
Nail Diameter Ø 9.0mm, 10.0mm, 11.0mm, 12.0mm
Nail Length 320.0mm to 440.0mm (Diff. 20.0mm)
Proximal Bolt Dia 6.4mm 75.0mm to 130.0mm (Diff. 5.0mm)
Proximal & Distal Bolt Dia 5.0mm 20.0mm to 76.0mm (Diff. 2.0mm)
Material Stainless Steel 316L / 316LVM / Titanium

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DIA 9.0MM 10.MM 11.0MM 12.0MM
LENGTH CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT. CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT. CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT. CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT.
320MM SP05.SS10287 SP05.TIT10287 SP05.SS10303 SP05.TIT10303 SP05.SS10319 SP05.TIT10319 SP05.SS10335 SP05.TIT10335
340MM SP05.SS10288 SP05.TIT10288 SP05.SS10304 SP05.TIT10304 SP05.SS10320 SP05.TIT10320 SP05.SS10336 SP05.TIT10336
360MM SP05.SS10289 SP05.TIT10289 SP05.SS10305 SP05.TIT10305 SP05.SS10321 SP05.TIT10321 SP05.SS10337 SP05.TIT10337
380MM SP05.SS10290 SP05.TIT10290 SP05.SS10306 SP05.TIT10306 SP05.SS10322 SP05.TIT10322 SP05.SS10338 SP05.TIT10338
400MM SP05.SS10291 SP05.TIT10291 SP05.SS10307 SP05.TIT10307 SP05.SS10324 SP05.TIT10323 SP05.SS10339 SP05.TIT10339
420MM SP05.SS10292 SP05.TIT10292 SP05.SS10308 SP05.TIT10308 SP05.SS10324 SP05.TIT10324 SP05.SS10340 SP05.TIT10340
440MM SP05.SS10293 SP05.TIT10293 SP05.SS10309 SP05.TIT10309 SP05.SS10325 SP05.TIT10325 SP05.SS10341 SP05.TIT10341